Why technology plays an important role in providing transparency when self-managing pensions

Why technology plays an important role in providing transparency when self-managing pensions

Traditionally, self-managing pensions has never been the easiest. Most people have multiple pension pots spread over multiple different careers during their lifetime. There are various charges and fees applied to pension schemes. You also have to factor in issues such as inflation and how your pension, which is ultimately a form of investment, can go up and down in value.

However, pension management has been transformed due to the advancement of technology. Technologically driven pensions provide greater transparency for those self-managing this area of their finances. If you want to take greater control of your pension, let us show you how our iSIPP technology solutions can play an important role in doing so.

Transparency to know where you stand

If you have accumulated multiple pension pots over your professional career, it can all get confusing – and fast. Certain pensions will be performing at different levels than others. Charges are applied across each pension. There’s also all the different paperwork you have to do for each plan.

With technology as the basis for your pension management, you instantly gain a level of transparency, which isn’t available via traditional means. You can put all of your pension pots in one place through iSIPP, and that saves you a lot of time and effort in numerous ways.

For instance, you only need to use one solution to manage and keep a close eye on your pension. There’s no need to log in to different accounts, analyse each situation separately, and add everything up manually. This full oversight isn’t just better for greater control and visibility, but also when it comes to making more informed pension-related decisions.

Easy to use and follow

In many ways, technology has made challenging and complex tasks much easier to complete. This is no different when it comes to pensions. With technologically driven pensions, you are able to self-manage pensions at a level of simplicity that previously wasn’t possible.

There is no need to get in touch with a pension advisor. You simply access your online account, which is available whenever and wherever on a 24/7 basis. All you need is a suitable device and an internet connection.

The iSIPP platform has also been built with convenience at the forefront. It is easy to use for all skill levels, whether you are regularly online or only an occasional surfer of the World Wide Web. This means it is effortless to not only view your pension, but also to combine and manage it – all with no paperwork required.

Make your pension go further

Technology supplies greater transparency and simplicity. That has been established. Yet these points also contribute to the main benefit: it makes your pension go further. By being able to better self-manage pensions, and seeing all information in one place with ease, you can maximise performance levels.

Consolidating your pension pots can help to get rid of higher charges that are being applied. You are also able to take those underperforming pensions and improve investment performance across the board. By using iSIPP, you only have one set of competitive fees to pay to manage your entire pension portfolio.

The transparency of our platform extends to the information you are given. We only offer clean, honest data that is simple for you to decipher. You are then able to use this data to make informed decisions that enhance the performance of your personal pension. We are also FCA regulated, meaning you can be sure your pension is in safe hands.

Plus, while iSIPP features the best technology of its kind, we also have a support team on-hand to provide assistance – and that personal touch – whenever needed. Making it easier for you to start self-managing pensions.

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